You may think that SpaceX racing to establish a human presence on Mars and Menard Group striving to be the best at soil investigation, improvement and remediation here on Earth are two different unrelated endeavours, but you would be wrong!

Both SpaceX and Menard Group share similar guiding star principles in their quests:

  • Safety: We want everyone to return home, whether to their families or to Earth, safe and unharmed
  • Curiosity: To understand and solve complex problems in space and in soils, we remain eager, open minded, and ready to question everything and to foster innovation
  • Simplicity: Our principles are rooted in basic and accepted truths in our respective industries, and we are able to implement simple solutions to complex issues
  • Entrepreneurship: We love a good challenge in the air or on the ground, and our businesses are based on overcoming obstacles. Like astronauts at SpaceX, we encourage our Menard Group team to dream big, to travel further.

We’re about to blast off into uncharted territory in Menard Group’s history, and we’re proud to have you all along as co-pilots. See what Menard is now, and be inspired by our mission.

And, Elon, if you need soil specialists on Mars, please give Menard Group a call!