Project Description


Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro stone columns are installed into soft to firm cohesive or loose to medium dense granular natural soils or made ground.

Depending on ground conditions the stone columns can be installed using either our top feed (stable soils) or bottom feed (unstable soils) systems to ensure a continuous dense column from the base of the treatment to the working surface.

Vibro Stone Columns


  • Enhanced bearing capacity
  • A reduction in the total and differential settlements

  • An increase in the permeability, allows acceleration of anticipated settlements

  • Ground bearing foundation solutions can be adopted reducing the need for reinforced foundations

  • The displacement process creates no spoil


  • Foundations of low-rise buildings and houses
  • Commercial/industrial foundations and floor slabs with high tolerances

  • Infrastructure schemes including embankments, water treatment plants and windfarms

Vibro Stone Columns

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