Vibro Compaction

Where sites are underlain by sands and gravels, we are able to use our vibrating poker technology to improve the density of these soils.

The vibrating poker generates horizontal vibrations which allows the sand and gravel particles to be rearranged into a denser configuration, by first destroying the existing fabric and then allowing them to reconfigure themselves into a denser arrangement.

Vibro Compaction


  • Reduction in the risk of liquefaction in earthquake areas
  • Enhanced bearing capacity

  • A reduction in the total and differential settlements

  • Ground bearing foundation solutions can be adopted reducing the need for reinforced foundations

  • No need for imported material

  • No spoil generated


  • Reclaimed land areas (e.g. ports) are created from dredged sands and gravels
  • In seismic zones where sites are underlain by sands and gravels

Vibro Compaction