Vibrated Concrete Columns

On sites where weak soils are underlain by more competent granular soils, vibrated concrete columns (VCCs) can be adopted.

By using our vibratory tools, the end bearing granular layer can be densified and an enlarged basal bulb created resulting in an enhanced bearing capacity at the toe of the VCC. With the adoption of our enlarged head forming tools, the edge to edge distance between VCCs can be reduced.

Vibrated Concrete Columns


  • Load capacity of VCCs up to 900kN, depending on soil
  • A reduction in the total and differential settlements

  • VCC toe, shaft and head constructed in a single operational process, thus avoiding cold joints

  • Limited horizontal loads can be accommodated

  • Adoption of enlarged heads up to 1m in diameter reduces the need for spanning

  • The displacement process creates minimal spoil


  • Foundations of low-rise buildings and houses
  • Commercial/industrial foundations and floor slabs with high tolerances

  • Infrastructure schemes including embankments, water treatment plants and windfarms

Vibrated Concrete Columns

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