Soil Mixing

Soil mixing involves modifying the properties of weak soils to improve their load carrying and permeability characteristics.

The process involves using a single or multiple tool auger to break up the soil and then inject at low pressure a specifically designed binder, which is then thoroughly mixed with the soil. The mixing can be designed to be done as isolated columns or as a mass treatment.

Soil Mixing


  • Enhanced bearing capacity
  • Reduction in settlements

  • Reduced liquefaction

  • Reduced thrust behind retaining structures

  • Increased reaction around piled foundations

  • Reduce permeability, blocking water movement and containing contamination


  • Foundations of low-rise buildings and houses
  • Commercial/industrial hardstanding, foundations and floor slabs with high tolerances

  • Infrastructure schemes including embankments, water treatment plants and windfarms

  • Contaminated and landfill sites

Soil Mixing