Project Description


Dynamic Compaction

Large sites underlain by loose materials can be effectively treated using our dynamic compaction process.

The technique involves dropping heavy weights (8-40 tonnes) from heights of up to 30m to create very high energy impacts, which results in the immediate reduction of void spaces improving both bearing capacity and settlement characteristics.

Dynamic Compaction


  • Enhanced bearing capacity
  • A reduction in the total and differential settlements

  • Particularly suitable to non-organic, non-homogeneous fill, made ground, and reclamation areas with variable characteristics

  • Underground obstructions (e.g. boulders) do not hinder the process

  • Ground bearing foundations can be adopted following treatment

  • High coverage making it economical for large areas


  • Commercial/industrial foundations and floor slabs with high tolerances
  • Infrastructure schemes including embankments, water treatment plants and windfarms

  • Ports and reclaimed land

  • Treatment of landfill sites (volume reduction)

Dynamic Compaction