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Bi-Modulus Columns

Where CMCs are adopted on sites with near surface granular or mixed soils, the top of the CMC can be replaced with stone aggregate to produce a composite column, known as a bi-modulus column (BMC).

The BMC optimises the transfer of the building loads into the column and is constructed in two stages: The CMC is formed first to the surface followed by the construction of a stone column at the top.

Bi-Modulus Columns


  • Enhanced bearing capacity
  • A reduction in the total and differential settlements

  • Easy excavation for foundations

  • The displacement process creates no spoil

  • Very high production rates reducing costs


  • Heavily loaded commercial/industrial floor slabs
  • Road and rail embankments

  • Silos, tanks and wind turbines

  • Residential buildings traditional founded on driven piles

Bi-Modulus Columns

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